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After all i' m still in love with the acupuncture profession. From a Charming  from a teacher, a tech enthusiast. That i moved to a new profession.

It doesn' t look like anyone when people start with drugs, they get their first education, and then chiropractic, therapeutic, the spinal cord impact. Since i didn' t know about traditional medicine until i met the people you were, the teachers were as close as spending. A year to look at nearly a dozen years of bond with the right..., no one knows the number. 

The new year hopes to contribute a lot, trying to 2019 the patient from the disease as the target of the year. 

Write this down to try!

(((Chúa thể hiện ở đời để giao giảng về tình yêu thương, Phật thể hiện ở đời để nói về từ bi và giải thoát, người với người sống phải thương nhau

___God is in his life to preach love, buddha present in his life to talk about compassion and release, people who live to love each other
///Acupuncture Hanoi

Always smile

___Hãy luôn mỉm cười
And living for any moment of death doesn' t regret

___Và sống sao cho bất kỳ giây phút nào mình chết đi đều không hề hối tiếc

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